Bankruptcy Help

Should I file for Bankruptcy?

People faced with serious debt problems sometimes feel it is wrong to file for bankruptcy protection.  However, there are certain circumstances or unplanned life events that make it impossible for people to pay off their debts.  Common examples include extraordinary medical expenses, job loss due to the economy and physical or medical disability due to an accident or illness.  Bankruptcy was intended by our government to provide a process for debtors facing such overwhelming challenges to get a “fresh start.”

When facing the anxiety and stress that comes with being unable to pay your bills, it can be difficult to know what to do.  Every person’s situation is different.  Some people are facing debts that could be paid if only they had more time.  With others the size of debts can be so large that there is no hope of ever paying them off.  If you honestly look at your current finances, you may realize that you need to take some sort of action.  Consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you evaluate your financial situation and determine all your options.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you might consider filing bankruptcy:

  • Contacted a credit counseling service to help figure out paying your bills?
  • Considered debt consolidation or credit repayment to solve your debt problem?
  • Make minimum payments on your credit cards and never get ahead of your bills?
  • Begun to investigate websites to determine how to handle your debts?
  • Discussed your falling behind on bills with family or friends?


Filing Bankruptcy may help you when…

  • If you are avoiding creditor calls or tried to make good faith payments and continue to be harassed by calls.
  • If you are facing creditor threats to have your accounts turned over for collection or to a legal department.
  • If you are facing the foreclosure of your home, judgments, or wage garnishment.
  • If you simply cannot stand the stress of another day in debt.

A bankruptcy filing will stop all debt collection activities by your creditors.

Make a decision to obtain debt relief and get a fresh start for your financial future and well being.

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