Estate Planning

Planning for the Future: How will loved ones manage when we are gone?

chicago estate planning attorney

The biggest problem in estate planning?  Most people don’t realize the cost of not doing anything.  We recognize you would rather pursue more enjoyable things than planning for death or incapacity.  No one wants to consider what happens if taking care of themselves becomes impossible.  Or, how loved ones will manage when we are gone?

But if we don’t do anything the court system, the tax man, or people you have never met or given permission, will make decisions on your behalf.  Those you care about will be under tremendous stress attempting to sort out your affairs.  Valuable resources, both in time and money, can be wasted.  No one wants drama and stress for their loved ones.  Don’t make this part of your legacy.   Sit down with us and we can help the people you care about to avoid such unpleasant situations.  Plus, you can insure the assets you spent a lifetime accumulating will be preserved.

Affordable Estate Planning services

Most people are surprised at how easy the process is, after a brief meeting with us. Virtually everything you might be concerned about can usually be easily accomplished.  “Estate planning” sounds like something just for the wealthy. It isn’t!

We deal with working people who need affordable legal services.

We are glad you have chosen us to represent you.  We listen and we care.  Our job is taking complicated topics and explaining things in plain and simple terms.    Here are some examples of situations we can help with:

Wills and Trusts: how your property will be distributed after death

Powers of Attorney: someone who can make medical and/or financial decisions on your behalf, if you become unable to

Guardianships: managing the affairs of a minor child or of a person who has been determined unable to do by themselves.